Our History:

Years ago a very young man had a dream to play music for weddings and dances in an around the Pittsburgh, PA area. He searched and found a couple of young musicians, and along with his brother, began practicing music to prepare themselves for future engagements.

In the summer of 1955, Andy, along with his brother Steve and two other musicians, began performing as the Twi-Nites Orchestra, and the music seeds were planted. In 1957, the group decided to divide in two with one set of brothers taking their ideas in one direction and Andy and Steve taking their ideas in another. Before the group performed their last job as the Twi-Nites, Andy and Steve attended a wedding of a relative where they encountered a group called the Mazonni Orchestra, who had a smooth musical sound that appealed to them.

As they were putting together their new group, they decided to add a trumpet and guitar along with the accordion, clarinet and drums. Having put together the sound they wanted, they needed a new name. The naming of the new band came about when each new member placed a name into a hat and the one chosen by one of the band members studying Greek language at that time, is the name used today “Trel-Tones” derived from the Greek word “trellis” which in the dictionary means “to have a strong foundation.” With a new name and a new sound, they were off again to new endeavors.

The Trel-Tones became well known throughout the Pittsburgh area for their versatility in music; however, their unique style of polka music stood out. One day, while listening to a polka radio broadcast, Steve heard the song “Ooh La La Polka” and “I Wish I Was Single Again Waltz” by “Lil Wally and the Harmony Boys.” Both Steve and Andy agreed that their sound was very similar and they should give these recordings a try. Thus began the relationship with Lil Wally’s music. (By the way, Wally, if you get the chance to read this, like Bob Hope said, “thanks for the memories.”)

Since then, the style of polka music performed by the Trel-Tones has become known as “Honkie Style” and through their performances, recordings, television appearances, grew to be one of America’s long time known top polka bands. Their love of, support for and performance of Polish music had been a tribute to the polka industry for many years. With satellite radio and now computer internet broadcasts, their music can be heard all over the world for many more years to come.

2005 marked a milestone for the Trel-Tones — 50 Years of continuous entertaining for Andy and Steve Fenus with 48 years as the Trel-Tones. Andy Steve and the Trel-Tones would like to say THANK YOU to their friends and followers throughout the years and welcome your support in the future.